EbisukoFestival of Ebisu

The festival of “the only one in Kanto” representing Kiryu ‘s early winter


As local people say, “Tabi and heating are used from ebisuko”, “ebisuko” to be held in the early winter is one of the essential events of Kiryu. It is held on 19th and 20th November every year, and many pilgrims are hoping for the success of business, the streets are very busy. Nishinomiya Shrine is the only official branch shrine in Kanto of Nishinomiya Shrine (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo prefecture). Please join us in the procession of people gathering from the entire Kanto area for grace.

Location Nishinomiya Shrine
Address 2-chome Miyamoto cho Kiryu shi
Due date November 19th and 20th every year
Organizer Nishinomiya Shrine
Transportation About 10 minutes on foot from Kiryu Station on the JR Ryomo Line
Contact Us

Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Section

Telephone: 0277 (46) 1111 Extension line 566

Nishinomiya Shrine

Phone: 0277 (22) 4395

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