Kiryu Fan Club

To watch! To know! To eat!


For people outside Kiryu City, we provide fresh information so that you can come to Kiryu many times. In addition, people in Kiryu city will be able to know more about Kiryu. We established “Kiryu Fan Club” in hopes that “I want to increase more Kiryu fans to the world!”, “I want people who like Kiryu to like Kiryu more!” There are lots of privileges such as original goods and various information for those who join! Please join us!

Annual membership fee1,000 yen

※ Fan club members’ term of validity is from April 1 every year until March 31 of the following year. Even if you join from the middle of the period, please note that the expiration date will end on March 31 of the enrollment year.


  • Benefit1

    Get original goods when joining!

  • Benefit2

    We will deliver various kinds of information several times in year

  • Benefit3

    Discounts and hospitality by cooperating stores

  • Here are the stores where you can use the service!

  • Benefit4

    We invite you to the event organized by the Kiryu Tourism Association

How to enrollHow to enroll

  • Fill in the necessary information in the admission leaflet and apply with the membership fee to the Kiryu Tourism Association (Secretariat: Kiryu City Hall Sightseeing Exchange Division), please pay the membership fee directly at the post office or Kiryu Shinkin Bank.
  • ※When you join from Kiryu Shinkin Bank, please use dedicated enrollment procedure form.
  • Flyers for admission are in city halls, branch offices, public halls, etc. In addition, we will also send it to those who wish, please contact us from the telephone, inquiry page.