Gourmet at Kiryu

It is unique! Kiryu’s gourmet.。


If you come to Kiryu, we think that we want to eat “Himokawa” and “Source Katsudon”, but there are lots of foods that we would like to recommend in addition to that. All foods were born in the lives of ordinary people. Feel free to come, hungry! Your body and mind should be filled with Kiryu and will return.


Gunma prefecture is one of the leading udon consuming areas in Japan. Kiryu is one of the most famous sacred places of udon. You can feel the history of Kiryu fabric by eating “Okkirikomi” born from farmer’s life and “Himokawa” born from the busyness of fabric manufacturing.


Kiryu ‘s Source Katsudon ‘which can be said to be the origin of’ Source Katsudon ‘distributed throughout the country is characterized by simplicity. Please enjoy the deep world of the original.

Introduction! Delicious Kiryu Restaurant

It is a web version of “Kiryu Machinaka Umaimon MAP” issued by the Kiryu Tourism Association. Please use it for meal selection in Kiryu.