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We have pamphlets convenient for both planning in advance and onsite use. Please download and use it.

We will add brochures from time to time. For those who wish to send other brochures please apply from the following telephone or inquiry form.

Telephone: 0277 (46) 1111 Extension line 566 (Secretariat: Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Division)

It is also possible to apply from the inquiry form

Kiryu City Tourism Comprehensive Guide Book

It is a comprehensive sightseeing brochure of Kiryu city which was an actress born in Kiryu City and appointed Ryoko Shinohara of Kiryu Tourism Ambassador to the cover page. Information on the event, by genre, gourmet and accommodation, as well as events are of course also substantial.

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How to walk the earth Kiryu & Ashikaga

Kiryu & Ashikaga version is appearing in ‘How to walk the earth’ boasting a strong name recognition as an overseas travel guidebook! Both cities, which have formed tags across prefectural borders, have a Japanese heritage, and share many commonalities and varied personality. In addition to being distributed at prefecture events and large-scale bookstores in the metropolitan area, Kindle version is also distributed free of charge.

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Kiryu Machinaka Umaimon Map

This “Kiryu Machachinaka Umaimon Map” is a hidden classic pamphlet that has received popularity from many people. While carefully selecting from huge eateries in the city, we will respond to various requests of everyone with abundant variations.

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Kiryu Udon Map

Kiryu city is the most famous udon town in the whole country. A brochure that can be said as a udon-like bibble that visits from all over the world is here “Kiryu Udon Mash Up”. Why do not you try finding a cup perfect for you with this brochure?

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