Recommended spots

We will introduce the spots we selected carefully

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We will introduce the spots we recommend specifically from among the sightseeing spots that exist in Kiryu city a lot. you can spend fun alone with your family and friends.

Japanese heritage

“Japanese heritage” appealing the historical charm and characteristics of the region through a story telling the culture and tradition. There are six assets in Kiryu City, “Kakaa-Tenka – Silk Story of Gunma -” consisting of 13 assets in 4 municipalities in Gunma prefecture!


“Kiryu Shinmachi Important Traditional Building Group Conservation District”, abbreviated to “Judenken”. You can see the scenery that symbolizes Kiryu in a historic townscape where many old building landscapes and many buildings of the times remain.

Industrial tourism

Kiryu who produced a lot of products as the production base of the representative textile in Japan. It is a sightseeing that can only be experienced in the “weaving city” which still has cutting edge technology.

Gunma silk heritage

Gunma prefecture produced silk fabrics from the Nara era (the 8th century), and after the Edo period the industries related to silk developed in a balanced manner. “Gunma silk heritage” that registered many cultures and modernization heritage related to silk which are many in the prefecture. Among them, there are many registered cultural assets in Kiryu which is called “weaving city”!

Also recommended

Museums known all over Japan, amusement parks and zoos famous for prefectures, the largest indoor heated pool in Kanto, and the largest museums about insects, are all popular spots that will become major tourist destinations.