Kiryu Yagibushi MatsuriKiryu Yagibushi Festival

A summer event to be held for 3 days

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“Kiryu Yagibushi Festival” is the largest event in Kiryu City.
The city gets excited by the many tourists from inside and outside the prefecture and the local participants who were looking forward to this day.
(First Friday in August, Saturday, Sunday)


It is fun to listen, it is fun to dance. “Yagibushi” which makes up the Kiryu Yagibushi festival. Many organizations go up to the tower to show the singing voices boasting of practice and instruments techniques. The dancer surrounds the tower. There are lots of dancing groups, but the charm of Yagibushidances is the freedom to “dance anytime, anyone”. There is no problem with imitation of a person! If you dance you will have more fun!

Gion matsuriGion festival

It is the roots of the Kiryu Yagibushi Festival and I really want you to experience the “Kiryu Gion” which is an important element of the festival. Traditional festivals with a history of more than 360 years have a mysterious atmosphere and are held in “chic”. You can see the giant banner“oonobori” and the biggest floats in the Kanto area and enjoy listening to festival music.

Place Kiryu city center area
Address Kiryu city center area
Due date Three days from the first Saturday of August every year
Organizer Kiryu Yagibushi Festival Sponsoring Association Secretariat
Transportation JR Ryomo Line A short walk from Kiryu Station
About 3 minutes by bus from Shin Kiryu Station Tobu Kiryu Line
Approximately 1 minute on foot from Nishikiryu Station on jomo Line

Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Section

Telephone: 0277 (46) 1111 Extension line 566

Kiryu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Phone: 0277 (45) 1201

(during festival period)

Secretariat of Kiryu Yagibushi Festival sponsored association

Phone: 0277 (43) 6908


Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Section

Kiryu Yagibushi Festival sponsored association

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