Japanese heritage

Kakaa Tenka – Silk Story of Gunma –


“Japan heritage” expressing the historical charm and characteristics of the area through the story of culture and tradition. One of the 18 stories approved by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in April, Heisei 20, “Kakaa Tenka – Gunma’s silk story -” is the following story.

Kakaa Tenka -Silk Story of Gunma –

In Gunma prefecture where silk industry is popular from the long ago, women earn money with sericulture, spinning, and woven fabrics, becoming more modern, as active as warping women and weaving hands. My husband calls “My wife is Tenkaichi”, which is now known as a feature of Gunma as “Kaito Tenka”, and in modern times it is also a synonym for female statues active in and outside the family. Visits to sericulture houses and textile factories supported by the dreams and passion of “Kaka” helped households and supported the Japanese economy, the figure of the women of the very best Gunma in the very bottom, You will see it.

Of the 13 assets of 4 municipalities in Gunma prefecture which constitute this story, the most 6 assets exist in Kiryu city. Why do not you draw close to the appearance of Guma’s hail from that 6 asset?