Kiryu Textile Memorial HallKiryu Orimono Kinenkan

Operation headquarters supporting the breakthrough of Kiryu Textile


It is the former office of “Kiryu Textile Association Association” that supported the great breakthrough in Kiryu’s textile manufacturing industry. It is not an exaggeration to say that the place where a brilliant history of Kiryu woven fabric was made, but as a telephone exchanger or typewriter clerk, supporting the work behind the scenes was called “occupational lady” at the time, advanced It was women. This building was built in 1939 , characterized by a Western-style appearance using scratch tiles that had been prevalent on the outer wall. Currently we sell Kiryu’s textile products on the 1st floor and weapons and fabrics are displayed on the 2nd floor so that we can know about Kiryu-Ori.

Address 6 – 6 Eiraku cho Kiryu shi
Opening hours 10: 00-17: 00
Admission Free
Transportation About 5 minutes on foot from Kiryu Station on JR Ryomo Line
Phone 0277 (43) 7272

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