Textile reference museum “Yukari”Orimonosankoukan Yukari

Women’s activity in the history of textiles


Founded in 1877 (Meiji 10), Morihide fabric is one of the prestigious premier factories in Kiryu who succeeded in mechanizing “meek” manufacturing. During the Second World War, many other factories banned the production of high-grade fabrics and the machines were used as iron resources, but they were designated as “preserved manufacturing technology preservation factories”, preserved technology and postwar period It contributed to reconstruction. And in 1981, we established a textile reference building “purple” as a museum to convey the history of textile and dyeing, and as a museum which can be “touched, experienced” by many old and valuable materials It came to be known.

Address Kiryu-shi Higashi 4chome 2-24
Opening hours 10: 00-16: 00
Closed Monday
Admission fee 700 yen for adults, 600 yen for large / specialized students, 500 yen for high / junior high school students, 400 yen for primary school students
Transportation About 20 minutes on foot from Kiryu Station on JR Ryomo Line
Phone 0277(45)3111
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