Shirataki ShrineShirataki jinja

A shrine that worships “Shirataki Hime” which conveyed weaving technology to Kiryu


It is a shrine that worships “white basin princess” that conveyed the manufacturing technology of silk fabrics to Kiryu long ago. A Kiryu man who worked in Kyoto fell in love with Shirataki Hime. Although it was a difficult love because of the difference in status, the man was admired by showing brilliant poetry and brought White Tati to his hometown. After that, Princess Shirataki told the villagers weaving technology. In the precincts there are huge stones that can hear the sound of the loom, there is a tree of God, and at the annual festival, we will perform Daidai Kagura that is transmitted from long ago.

Address 5 Chome Kawachiicho, Kiryu City 3288
Traffic About 10 minutes by car from Aioi Station on Tobu Kiryu Line

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