Higirijizo EnnichiHigirijizo Fair

“A fun event once a month” to be held on the 24th of every month.


Higirijizo Fair is an event held on the 24th of every month. In the past, the master shot the shadow of the giant, which appears every night in a large textile factory. It appeared in the master’s dream at a later date was this Jizo. Jizo tells that he stood every night to protect his house, that people’s faith is light and that there is no house. If you built a house, I said that the wish you prayed on a particular day will surely come true. When the house was built with donations gathered from those who heard the story, many stalls were lined on the 24th of every month, and believers came to visit from a distance.

Place Kannonin
Address 13-18 Higashi 2-chome Kiryu-shi
Due date 24th of every month
Organizer Kannonin
Transportation 5 minutes by car from Kiryu Station on the East JR Ryomo Line
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Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Section

Telephone: 0277 (46) 1111 Extension line 566


Telephone: 0277 (45) 0066

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