Mikagari ShinjiSacred Firewood Ceremony

Odd festival of fire and drum and shout


Kamo shrine located in Kiryu City Hirosawa Town is a shrine that is also posted at the Engishiki (book of 927), but many people are known for the unusual festival to be held at night of Setsubun. When a general sectarian event such as exorcism or bean throwing ends at a shrine, the altar made in the precincts is ignited. The flame becomes strong enough to feel the heat even if it is far away. A believer who took the firewood (Mikagari) with fire gets away from the east and west, and throws it loudly according to the sound of the drum. It is a very mysterious traditional event where burning firewood flies in front of many visitors.

Location Kamo Shrine
Address Kiryu City Hirosawa Town 6 – chome 833
Due date Day of Setsubun(february 3rd) 19: 00 ~
Organizer Kamo Shrine (Kamo shrine Mikagari shinji preservation party)
Transportation About 15 minutes by car from Shin Kiryu Station on Tobu Kiryu Line
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Kamo shrine

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