Tulip MatsuriTulip Festival

Ten thousand shares of tulips bloom inside the park


Azuma Park, known to people with various flowers, is like an oasis that can arrive in only a few minutes from the center of Kiryu. Cherry blossoms, azaleas, irises and hydrangeas can see something flowers throughout the year, but the tulips of spring are attractive as many as 10,000 shares. In the first half of the period 500 cherry blossoms can be seen at the same time. A sketch competition that children under the elementary schoolchild can participate is held, flower gifts and tea ceremonies are held and many people visit to enjoy nature.

Place Azuma Park
Address 10-1 Miyamoto cho 3 chome Kiryu-shi
Due date early April 10: 00-17: 30
Organizer Azuma Park
Transportation About 10 minutes by car from Kiryu Station on JR Ryomo Line
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Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Division Tourist Office

Telephone: 0277 (46) 1111 Extension line 566

Azuma Park Management Office

Phone: 0277 (22) 8636

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