Industrial tourism

Currently progressive “weaving city”

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Textile manufacturing in the Kiryu area has a history of more than 1300 years and has been producing silk fabrics since the Nara period. After that, we adopted advanced technology and developed to the extent that it says “Nishijin in the west, Kiryu in the east”, “There is no textile that can not be woven by Kiryu”. Kiryu still has the top class skills in Japan as a gathering place in the textile industry in Japan. We introduce you to industrial sightseeing which you can enjoy because it is Kiryu.

Factory tourism

In Kiryu’s city that has been developing with the textile industry, more than 200 factory of symbolic ‘saw roof’ remains, still the textile factories and textile-related industries are still alive.

Dressing experience

If you walk in the city of Kiryu, recommended clothing is “kimono” of course! Kiryu has a service that you can enjoy “town walking with kimono” at a cheap price that meets your wishes.