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You can walk Kiryu on the first Saturday with Kimono


A lively kimono dressing experience with a textile town, Kiryu ! You can experience a full-fledged kimono dressing experience at a very low price in Kiryu City, which is a national textile production center that has been said to be “Nishijin in the West, Kiryu in the East” from ancient times. It is recommended to wear a kimono and walk around the city.

Organizer Kiryu Orihime Club
Location Yamamoto Kimono gakuin
Address 1810-17 2-chome Tomoecho,Kiryu City
Reception 9:00〜12:00
Return until 16: 00
Price 3,500 yen (including rental, dressing)
Inquiries 090(4000)5543 Kiryu Orihime Club Yamamoto

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