Resumption of operation of low-speed electric community bus “MAYU”

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the low-speed electric community bus “MAYU”, which had been suspended, will resume operations except for some areas.

Target route
・Juden building course
・New Kiryu Course
*The zoo and amusement park courses will resume on Saturdays and Sundays as soon as they are open.

■Restart date: Saturday, June 20, 2020

■Notes on usage
(1) It is necessary to measure the temperature, disinfect your hands and wear a mask before boarding.
(2) If an infection occurs, please fill in the necessary items (address, name, contact information) in the user management book in order to identify the concentrated contact person.
(3) Please note that if you do not agree with the above two points or if an emergency declaration is issued, residents in that area will not be able to board.

“Contact Us”
Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Division
Kiryu City Tourist Information Center Circle Kiryu

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