Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Gindako Makikore Wine Bar” End and Store Renewal Notice

The product sales business “Gindako Makikore Wine Bar” at the Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Silkuru Kiryu” will be temporarily closed on September 27 (Sun), and will be renewed and reopened in October. In addition, we will inform you again when details such as business days and business hours are decided. We look forward to your continued visit to our store in the future. Silver Dako Makikore Wine Bar Business Day in September 9/25 (Friday) 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm 9/26 (Sat) Noon to 10:00 pm 9/27 (Sun) noon to 8:00 pm * Outdoor eating and drinking is also available. However, it may not be available due to bad weather.

Resumption of operation of low-speed electric community bus “MAYU”

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the low-speed electric community bus “MAYU”, which had been suspended, will resume operations except for some areas. Target route ・Juden building course ・New Kiryu Course *The zoo and amusement park courses will resume on Saturdays and Sundays as soon as they are open. ■Restart date: Saturday, June 20, 2020 ■Notes on usage (1) It is necessary to measure the temperature, disinfect your hands and wear a mask before boarding. (2) If an infection occurs, please fill in the necessary items (address, name, contact information) in the user management book in order to identify the concentrated contact person. …

About the reopening of the Yurinkan, Kennenkinenkan, and Machinakakouryukan

We closed the Yurinkan, Kennenkinenkan, and Machinakakouryukan, which were closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, from June 1st. ■ Kiryu City Yurinkan * Restart date: Monday, June 1 〇 Opening time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (opening time shortened) *The opening hours will be changed according to the “warning level” according to the “Guidelines for resuming socio-economic activities” in Gunma Prefecture. ・In the case of alert level “Category 2”: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (opening hours shortened) ・If the alert level is “Category 1”: 9am to 9pm (normally open) ■ Kiryu City Modernization Heritage Kennenkinenkan * Restart date: Tuesday, June 2 〇 Opening time: 10:00 am to …

About the virtual background of the anime CM “Hitoki Kiryu Ashikaga”

You can use the scene of the anime commercial “Hitoki Kiryu Ashikaga” created as part of the tour tourism promotion project between Kiryu City and Ashikaga City as a virtual background. There are four types of Kiryu City. Please use it for online meetings. You can download the background image from the home page of Pony Canyon. “Let’s support the area with a virtual background!” Pony Canyon Home Page(外部リンク)

About the extension of the Yurinkan

The Yurinkan was closed until May 10, 2020 to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, but the closed period will be extended as follows. Before change: From April 25th to May 10th ■ After change From April 25th to May 31st * The period may be extended considering the infection status of the new coronavirus. ■ Reservation for facility use Regarding reservations for facility use, we will only accept telephone calls. Even if you accept the reservation, we may refuse to use it depending on the situation. Phone 0277-46-4144 * Reservations for June 2019 are scheduled to be accepted from June 1st (Monday), but if the closing time is …

About cancellation of the 57th Kiryu Yagibushi Festival

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the 57th Kiryu Yagibushi Festival, which was scheduled to be held from Friday, August 7 to Sunday, August 9, 2020, at the Kiryu Yagibushi Festival Sponsorship Has been decided. It is a great pain for everyone who was looking forward to the event, those who were preparing for the event, and the co-sponsors, but I would like to ask for your kind understanding and continued support and cooperation for the next year and beyond. Thank you for your cooperation.

About the closing of the Yurinkan

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Yurinkan was suspended from renting operations from April 1 to May 10, 2019, but received a national emergency declaration. Since Gunma Prefecture has emergency measures implemented from April 17th to May 6th, it will be closed. Before change: Suspension of rental building (Period: April 1 to May 10) ■ Closed after the change (Period: April 25 to May 10) ■ Reservation for facility use Regarding reservations for facility use, only telephone calls will be accepted. Reservations for May, 2019, Reiwa will be accepted by phone only from 10:00 am on Friday, May 1. Please note that it may …

About the extension of the suspension of rental halls of Yurinkan

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will suspend the rental of the Yurinkan until April 30th (Thursday), but we will inform you that it will be extended as follows. ■ Date / Time From May 1, 2020 (Friday) to May 10, 2020 (Sunday) ※External link: ● Facility changes and event cancellations due to the spread of new coronavirus infection ● ● About new coronavirus infections ● 1016428.html

Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Silkuru” closed

Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Silkuru” closed Closing the Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Circle” from Sunday, April 19th, based on the fact that the spread of new coronavirus infection is accelerating in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It will be closed until May 10 (Sun). : ■ Closed contents ・ Product sales (Gin Dako Makikore Wine Bar): Suspended ・ Tourist information service: Stop ■ Closed period Sunday, April 19, 2020 to Sunday, May 10, 2020 * The period may be extended depending on the convergence of new coronavirus infections. “Contact Us” Kiryu City Tourism Exchange Division Kiryu City Tourist Information Center Circle Kiryu 0277-32-4555

About Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Silkle Kiryu”

Kiryu City Tourist Information Center “Silkle Kiryu” will open on March 16 (Monday) in the site of Gunma Bank Kiryu Branch at 5-chome Honmachi, Kiryu-shi. In order to promote tourism town development through public-private partnerships, in addition to sightseeing promotion duties and sightseeing guidance, Kiryu City’s founding company, Hotland Co., Ltd. We outsource the business and provide a gem that can only be eaten here. The contents include Kiryu original takoyaki tailored to Makiko Kanei, a wine selector from Kiryu city, and Makikore wines, as well as creative dishes using ingredients from Kiryu city. With “Makikore”, which is famous for wine lovers, as the main part, it will be installed …

About recruitment of Kiryu fan club members in 2020

Kiryu City and Kiryu Tourism Association have started recruiting members for Kiryu Funclub in 2020. This year’s membership souvenir is an original embroidered tote bag, a fan club exclusive not-for-sale item with the word “Kiryu fan club” written on it. Get Kiryu sightseeing information at the fan club and visit Kiryu many times. ■Membership fee 1,000 yen ■Membership expiration From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 (one year) ■Member benefits ・ Privilege (Kiryu-shi) in support store by member card presentation ・ Presentation of an original embroidered tote bag ・ Delivery of various information ■How to join Payment at all Kiryu Shinkin Bank counters or at the post office using …

“The 35th Kiryu City Product Festival” is held !!

Many members of the Kiryu City Product Promotion Association will exhibit and sell various products and will display and sell special products of Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture and Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, which are domestic friendly cities. Products from the neighboring Midori City will also be exhibited. Furthermore, as a project following the previous one, special sales of national specialty products such as “Masuno Sushi” in Toyama Prefecture and “Oyster Oil Pickled in Olive Oil” in Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture, which dispatches staff from Kiryu City to the affected area, were conducted. I will! During the product festival, events such as free distribution of old-fashioned pons and free rides …

About Kurohone New Year Experience Tour

Tobu Top Tours has released a tour of “Kiryu City Kurohone @ New Year Experience”. Held on January 12 (Sunday), it is a content that you can fully enjoy the New Year in the mountain village that you can not usually experience such as giant tying ropes and rice cake making with turtle stone calling for good luck. In the latter half of the tour, you can move to Maebashi to enjoy the experience of harvesting spinach spinach and tasting sake. Please apply hard. Please check the Kiryu’s travel products page for details of the tour!

This site is now in the pre-open period

Thank you for seeing Kiryu Walker. This site is now in the pre-open period for the renewal opening on May 1st. Some pages under construction are also available, but please understand.